Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Improvement Update

Well, we are still busy at work on the house.  Now we're in the process of painting our front porch after tearing most of it out (except the floor and walls).  We had some rotting wood that was being eaten by voracious ants (can you say disgusting?), and after pulling off board after board, and attempting to scrape off as much paint as we were able, we decided it really would be more beneficial to just replace it all.  $150 later, we were home with stain for the porch, new beams, wood spindles and a railing for the porch, and trim paint. Thankfully, the floor boards were still in decent enough shape that they only required sanding and some minor repair. My poor hubby is feeling the push in a big way with school starting up soon.  This means back to work for daddy. *sigh.*  I've been so spoiled having him home all summer.  Anyway, it's important that we get this wood installed and treated before the cold weather arrives.  It's NEVER ENDING, this thing called home ownership.

I'll post pictures when it's looking presentable.  Right now, you'd probably just look at your computer screen and go, "What on earth are they doing????"  Heck, half the time I'm asking that same question!  We are "do it yourself" (with a little help from our friends) all the way. And I gotta give props to Home Depot and Menard's.  "You can do it.  We can help!"

Whew.  I'm glad to hear that.

Now here.  Hold this hammer and 2x4 for Jerry so he can go put his feet up and sip some iced tea.


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Kari said...

I hope Jer gets a break before school starts . . . what a bummer to have more on top of the whole house painting project. Ugh!!!!!!!