Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a whirlwind day!

Well, yesterday was a big day. At 9 a.m. our patio people arrived to begin working. At 10 a.m. I taught a voice lesson. At 11 a.m. Cody's ride arrived to take him to his buddy's house for a birthday party where THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A MOONWALK, MOMMY! At noon, the baby woke up from his nap and we headed out to find our next vehicle.

I need to back up. Our van has been giving us trouble. Now, I really hesitate to even complain about this, because this van was given to us at a time when we desperately needed a vehicle, and it bought us about a year's time without having to obtain a car payment. It has been a HUGE blessing, and I don't want to minimize that. However, it's an older vehicle with many miles, and it's just on its last legs.

This past week, it was huffing and puffing, chugging and sputtering, and when it died, four times, on the way to and from the chiropractor (once on train tracks at a very busy Chicago suburb intersection), I decided it was TIME. Time for a new (used) vehicle.

Jerry has been keeping his eyes and ears open for a good buy on something used, and he found this:

It's a 2004 Kia Sedona, and we are its proud new owners. I already love it and Cody has lovingly named it "Blue Bird." Don't ask me why.

Upon our arrival back home, our hard working patio installers (who were already giving us a STEAL to complete the work) asked us what we were planning on doing with our old van. I jokingly asked if they were interested, and within ten minutes we had negotiated a deal that just about paid for our patio... free and clear.

The best part is this: As we were wrapping things up with them at the end of the day, the wife of this couple (right now they are a brand new company and a husband/wife team) said to me, "I truly believe that God meant for all of this to be. When my husband saw you that day unloading concrete, he was hesitant to give you his business card. He's very shy and even though he speaks very good English, he doesn't feel confident enough to approach people. But he told me later he just felt like he was supposed to hand you his card. We have children to support and we needed this work today. And we needed a vehicle...we really wanted a van. I just think today was truly meant to be."

A win-win for everyone I would say. The best part is that we were interviewed last night by a member of our church to promote the Crown Financial bible studies as we are "graduates." It was wonderful to look back over this past year, to see how God has provided for our every need, even in the seemingly "small" things. I am ever so grateful to Him for His provision.

"Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."


Barbie said...

Way to go being a good steward. God is so faithful! Congrats on your new mini van!!!

Glass Half Full said...

Ok, I tried to comment earlier but I didn't see a "comments" place. HUM??? Blogger woes???

COOL! Did you have this while up here yesterday? Love the blue color. I love blue!

I never imagined myself driving a minivan. Now I can't imagine NOT driving one!!!