Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been busy earning my Motherhood Badges

It's been a bit of a trying week. My normally bouncy, hungry eat-a-saurus, enthusiastic and playful Cody has been sick. Since Tuesday. He missed school, two playdates, and an invitation to play outside with the neighbors, and I think we're all getting cabin fever. At least it was a rainy day yesterday. It was a good reason to get caught up on laundry and housework. And of course, curling up with my boys! By the way, if you haven't seen "Night at the Museum" it's very cute. And clean!

This morning Cody had another, ahem..."episode" and once I got the bathroom cleaned and sanitized once again, I went to check on the baby. He has been drinking water like a crazy person, which is sooooo good, but his diapers haven't been able to keep up. When I went to change him, he needed a bath. So I stripped him down and ran to run the bath which literally took me ten seconds at most. When I returned, my little cherub boy was sitting in a puddle of his making and...PLAYING in it. Oh joy.

All of this is to say (and I'm sorry if it's TMI) that I believe I have certainly earned a few badges on my motherhood vest this week. I know you mommies out there can certainly relate.


Kari Lynn said...

Absolutely! We've had the play in poo episode. My family loved "Night at the Museum" also. What a good family movie!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh yeah... we can relate. Oh boy can we!!!


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Glass Half Full said...

Oh I remember dealing with Matt a year ago during an awful stomach virus. I was carrying him to the bathroom since he was put out by a fever and dehydration. It's so hard dealing with sick children!!!

Just T said...

Hope your boys are feeling better! My son has come down with a tummy bug too, but thankfully it's not one of those "gotta run to the loo" types! Hopefully it's run it's course or he will be home from school tomorrow.