Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Weekend of Possibilities

This past weekend we went to Valparaiso, IN to perform at my mom's studio for their annual show...this year it was called "Possibilities." We had a great time singing and seeing the show. The dancers had worked really hard and they did an excellent job. I don't get many opportunities to perform anymore, and it was great fun. Of course, I'm always thrilled when I get to sing with my hubby. My favorite moment was singing "As Long as You're Mine" from the musical, "Wicked." I also loved seeing my sister Kari perform and watching her kids dance. My mom did a great job putting it all together...she does a masterful job organizing every detail and executing her vision for the show. My brother-in-law designed and ran the lights, Papa Dean ran the sound board, so it was a real family affair.
Cody had a wonderful time seeing his cousin Cassidy perform and getting to play with her. I'm so thankful they enjoy each other so much...they always have a great time together. Cody was inspired by seeing the show...he asked Aunt Kari if she had any tap shoes for him to try on (one of the many perks of having a sister who owns a dancewear boutique!). She gave him his very own pair, and we are in the process of finding a dance studio in our area so he can take some classes. In the meantime, he's having a ball tapping his heart out on the wood floor of our den. We seem to have a little performer on our hands...who knows where he gets it?

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