Friday, October 27, 2006

Belly Laughing

Well, it figures. It wasn't Jerry, myself, or Cody that made Caden laugh...and I mean REALLY laugh...for the first time. No, it was the dog. Our beloved Ozzie. Caden had just nursed and he was sitting contentedly on my lap minding his own business when he began watching the dog playing with one of his toys. Ozzie likes to pretend he's this ferocious beast thrashing his head around with one of his stuffed dog toys, as if he's mangling it or something. Anyway, he must have gotten a little overzealous about it, because all of a sudden, he began to sneeze. When he first sneezed, Caden laughed a little. Upon doing it a second and third time, the laughs got more intense, and before you knew it, my lap was shaking because he was laughing so hard. I called Cody in to listen (Jerry missed it...he was on his way home from work) and all three of us were laughing so hard my cheeks hurt! It was the best. So Ozzie gets first prize for making Caden laugh. What a crack-up! In the midst of several sleepless nights and restless days with a cranky baby, the laughing baby was a welcome diversion!

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Glass Half Full said...

You needed that!!! :)