Saturday, October 07, 2006

Caden's Stats

So I took Caden to the doctor this past week because he'd had a drippy nose for over a week. Naturally, I was concerned about an ear infection when he suddenly decided he wasn't going to sleep through the night anymore. He was also very cranky. Did I mention we changed pediatricians? Well, we did. (And Dr. Beckerman was AWESOME!) Anyway, no ear infection, but we were able to get a weight on him. Drumroll please...

My LITTLE man weighs 19 lbs., 8 oz. and is measuring 28 1/8" long. He is wearing 12-18 month clothing, and he's outgrown his infant carseat. He has far surpassed where Cody was at this stage, so many of Cody's winter clothes are ALREADY too small for CAden. And, sadly, we need to say good-bye to the handy (tho' heavy) carseat and move him into the next seat and still keep it rear facing. This will be challenging. For example, he's not sitting up well enough to handle a trip to the grocery store while riding in the cart. Makes for an interesting dilemma. And then there are the countless times he falls asleep in the car. Right now I can conveniently move him from place to place while leaving him in his infant carrier, but waking him up from a sound sleep will NOT be fun.

On the flipside, I am overjoyed that my "liquid gold" appears to have done the trick. No dainty boys for me!!! Caden is also eating about four small bowls of mixed cereal per day, and polishing off at least two jars of stage 2 foods (fruits and/or veggies) as well. He's rolling all over the place, learning how to self-soothe at naps/bedtime, and smiling so big, he makes every single one of us laugh in spite of ourselves. His favorite person to smile at is Cody and his loving big brother gets a kick out of it every time. He is babbling incessantly..."mama" "dada" and raspberries are his favorite sounds. And yes, Cody is STILL a fantastic big brother!

Tonight we were watching the Huskers whoop up on Iowa State University, and I had the following coversation with Cody:

"Hey Cody, do you think someday you might want to play football?"
"Oh yeah mom, that would be soooooo cool."
Do you think you'd want to play for the Cornhuskers?"
"That would be awesome! But I want to play on the red team. Oh! And Caden can play on the white team. And I'd take him DOWN!!!"
"Actually, son, I think it's going to be the other way around!"

On a personal note...
It's hard not to impose one's dreams on one's children, but OH to have a kid playing football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I was thinking the other day, if my grandpa Poppop were still alive, he'd be encouraging me to call Caden's latest stats into Lincoln to see if he's big enough to draft.

Go BIG Red.

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Jaime said...

Umm...I think Reagan was 19 lbs 4 oz at her dr visit when she was almost 14 months old. My lil' peanut and your linebacker! Go Happi!!