Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Don't Want to Say Good-Bye to Dolly

It's almost over.

And I'm relishing every moment.

Doing this show has been great for my marriage, my boys, and me personally.  Jerry and I have had a blast doing our first musical together.  We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this production and the new family we've gotten to know over these past couple of months.  They have embraced us with so much love and kindness, and we feel so blessed.  It has also brought my family together in a special way, and I will remember this experience always.  (Thanks again for everything, Mom and Kari!)  Most importantly, we all love Jesus and each other, and that is what makes this experience so different from community theatre.  I can't describe it any other's just really special.

For all these reasons and so many more, I am going to miss playing Dolly Levi.  She and I have had a blast working together again, and I'm so thankful I didn't let "the parade pass by."

Four more shows.

I'll treasure every moment.


Anonymous said...

You and Jerry blessed the Sterners by being in the show. Watching you shine like the stars in the universe! Break a leg these last 4 shows. Take in all the applause! -Marina

Lisa said...

I have enjoyed being a part of Dolly so much! It has been a crazy ride, but the Lord has blessed every one of us! Praise the Lord!

Kari said...

I'll be praying you through this final weekend-know all too well how hard it is to say goodbye and I too, am glad you didn't let the parade pass you by! Love you!