Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Day!

We had a fun-filled day in the windy city on Monday.  The boys have been so patient as we've had so many shows and rehearsals in the past couple of months, and we wanted to reward them with a trip into the city.  First stop, Ed Debevic's for lunch.  Upon learning that the waiters were supposed to be mean to you, Cody burst into tears and asked, "Why are they going to be mean to me???"  Such a sensitive guy, that one.  Once we sat down, he began to enjoy the experience and even laughed a little bit. Our waiter's character was super-nerdy and made us laugh pretty hard when he danced on the tables. Ya gotta love that place!
Next stop, Navy Pier.  We all enjoyed the ferris wheel (here's a view from the top) and the boys will tell you that was their favorite part.  I had never ridden it before, but it was a very relaxing and beautiful way to see the city.
Here's Cody and Caden enjoying the ride...
On the pier with Daddy...
Outside Ed's.  Obviously, all smiles after lunch.  No harm done by "nasty" waiters.  A funny side note though:  As we were leaving, another couple (not from around these parts, apparently, judging from their accent) got greeted by a different waiter, and when he left their table, they both looked at each other aghast.  We asked them if they knew that the waiters were supposed to act that way, and they both shook their heads no.  Once we told them that a bad attitude was part of their "schtick" they both laughed and said they understood.  You'd think the Chicago guide books would tell you that part about the restaurant!!!
And last, but not least, Caden enjoying his chocky milk.  Such a cutie pie. 
Have a great day, everyone!


Jody said...

Glad you had such a great family day. Chicago is so much fun. We miss have it close by.

Kari said...

That's funny that you mentioned the tears from Cody . . . as soon as you told me you were at Ed Debevic's when I called you, my first thought was how it would go over with him. Glad that the meal ended in smiles and really glad that you got some family time! Sounds like fun!