Thursday, March 05, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

The birthday boy had a less-than-relaxing day with the kiddos last Sunday (his actual birthday) while I completed the last show.  Little did he know, I had a little surprise for him up my sleeve afterward.  I invited a few of Jerry's friends and family members to join us for dinner at his favorite pizza place...but he had no idea!  He thought he was just going to have dinner with us.  I was thrilled I was able to pull off the surprise and the look on his face says it all, doesn't it?  25 people arrived early to surprise him, and he was greeted with lots of smiling faces, balloons...and of course, cake!

Honey, even though I'm a few days late, happy birthday!  I hope that this year is a wonderful one for you and that you are constantly reminded of how very loved and appreciated you are. Thank you for taking such great care of us.  We are so blessed.  Here's to many more years and happy memories.  I love you!


Kari said...

I love me some Jerimus!! Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a great time at your party!

Tonya said...

That is awesome! I would have a hard time keeping it a secret.