Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happiness Is...

  • Doing what I love. We are counting down to the show's opening on Thursday (a big thank you to those of you who bought tickets!!), and I am so excited to see it all put together. I have no idea what the set or costumes look like, but I've heard they are AMAZING. I am really, REALLY tired lately, but in a happy, fulfilled way. I have been doing musical theatre my whole life, either on the stage or as a director, and It's always been a very rewarding experience. I especially love this theatre company because they are Christian-based, and so it is a ministry opportunity as well as a wonderful way to practice my craft. I've truly got the best of both worlds.
  • The dozen pink and red roses from my hubby that are sitting on my desk looking goregous. But most importantly, his support and love even though he's seen little of me lately.
  • The gift of my children and the joy it is to be home with them. We are having such a blast this year. I thank God for all the blessings that have come about because of our decision to homeschool this year. It continues to be such a joy, even on the hard days.
  • A warm home, good health, and the constant provision of the Lord. He has amazed us this year with little miracles and the way we've been able to "keep going" regardless of what the bank account says. He is so good. All the time.
  • Wonderful friends and family and neighbors who bless us so richly.
  • The promises in God's word and the Truth contained within its pages.
  • And last, but absolutely NOT least, my Savior, who still has me amazed.

This...yes, this is happiness.


Kari Lynn said...

Lovely post. It's good to inventory the "happys" in life, be thankful for what we have. Love you.


The word verification is "smoring". Does that mean to make smores? Just thought it was funny!

Jody said...

Sweet list of "Happies"

Julie V. said...

Amen to that sister!! I hope the show goes very well and that everyone truly enjoys themselves.

Have a great week.



Sheryl said...

You are VERY blessed!

Tonya said...

Amen to all of those! We should get together sometime. Maybe after your show is done and you have more time?