Friday, October 24, 2008

Such Kindness....

**Updated to add:  There are two other people I want to award.  I know.  You're only supposed to give five.  Oh well.  I'm breaking the rules and adding two more:  Julie of Life with Ash and Ave and my husband (duh!).  Julie and I have become friends through church.  She has two beautiful children.  She and her husband are both very talented and we've enjoyed the friendship we've begun with them.  Julie, I was thinking earlier that you deserve this award!  I love coming to your blog and reading up on you all!  (I know that we see each other every week, but blogs are so fun!!!)  And to my hubby, even though he rarely updates, he deserves this award simply because he HAS a blog.  : )**

Jody at Coffee, Conversation, and Playdates blessed me with this blog award. Whenever I receive and award, I am always so humbled. This little old blog is just a place where I like to journal my thoughts in hopes that they will be an encouragement to somebody else. I share funny stories about my kids, things that the Lord is teaching me, and lots of other random information nobody but me probably cares about. Blogging has been a great outlet for me because I've never been able to find the time to stick with actually writing in a journal or keeping up with my scrapbooking. This has been a great solution.

I've met some truly wonderful people via the blogosphere, and I'm always encouraged by so many of them. Jody has asked me to pass this award here goes. Drumroll please.

1. My first pick is my friend Lori. Even though she takes an occasional bloggy break, I find myself checking her blog daily just in case she's posted anything. She's my dear friend from high school, and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch all these years.

2. Next is Melodye. She is a fellow homeschooler. Her family is beautiful and she is always amazing me with her creativity and energy. Her children are such cuties. I was saddened to hear that somebody had been leaving hurtful comments on her blog recently...I can't imagine how anybody could have something negative to say about her or her family. So Melodye...this award is for you!

3. Sheryl at PB&J Boats earns this award as well. She is honest, forthcoming, and real. I dig that about her. She loves the Lord and I know He has great things in store for their family's future.

4. My dear friend Kari is the next recipient. She has been my friend for many years, and this past spring we finally got to see each other and spend a girl's only weekend together. I enjoy catching up with her and hearing how she and her family are doing via her blog.

5. And finally, I award my friend Jaime. She's great at posting pictures and keeping her friends and family up to date on all the fun things they've been up to. We don't get to see each other often, so her blog is such a neat way to stay in touch.
So, there you have it. Congratulations to all the recipients. Please go and share the love with five of your favorite blogging pals. And to Jody: Thanks again!


Kari Lynn said...

Ahem... First I would like to thank my family for giving me something to write about and Happi for reading about it. Thank you. (Waves, cries)

LOL, That's sweet, thanks.

casual friday everyday said...

Great compliment isn't it?

:--) Nell

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Thank you so much Happi!!
You are so sweet, I'm SO VERY happy that we have been blessed enough to meet. You are a truly beautiful gem of a woman!

Tonya said...

Congrats on getting this award you so deserve it!