Monday, October 27, 2008

Enough Already.

Several hours ago it was snowing.

To make matters worse, a friend on Facebook informed me that, in his part of the country, it's sunny and warm.  He's wearing shorts.  And watering his lawn.

I'm done with winter.  It can go away now.


Jessica said...

And I thought 51 was cold today! I can't believe you had snow!!!

Kari said...

I'm with you. Although, I am enjoying our wood-burning stove.

Jody said...

Ohhh. It is cold here, but I have to say I am thankful to not have the snow. We're going to have some positive things for winter for you because you have a ways to go. Let's think...there are fewer bugs in the winter time!

Jody said...

should have said "think of some positive things"

Julie V. said...

And on the negative side- more illnesses!! I took the kids to the doctor yesterday and Rebecca has an ear infection and Joshua a sinus infection. Fortunately, being the typical kids they are- they don't act very sick (praise God).

But- at the same time with the change of seasons the Lord brings about wonderful things. He covers us with His warmth, joy and peace even when outside doesn't look that inviting.

And- soon we can take the kids sledding, build snowmen, have snowball fights and make snow angels.

Bring on the winter (because in a few short months it will be Spring).



Tonya said...

yeah I want winter to be over now too and it technically hasn't even started yet! I think we are in trouble.