Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fun!

We're not into Halloween that much, but we enjoy the changing of the seasons and seeing the leaves turn beautiful colors.  We always carve a pumpkin, but this year my hubby really blew me away with his skills.  Isn't this cool?
We participate in trick or treating in our neighborhood.  We told the boys that we weren't spending money on costumes this year, so Cody and Jerry got creative and worked hard on his robot costume, made completely of stuff we had lying around the house.  The robot even has lights wired inside of it! Caden is wearing one of Cody's costumes from several years ago, and he's tickled about being a "fwog."  Isn't he precious???
Oh how they grow up so fast.  Last year he rode around in his stroller and cried when we tried to put him in his monkey suit.
Cody and Caden got out this week and helped Jerry rake leaves.  Of course, they could care less about bagging them.  It's all about the leaf piles!

Hope you're all enjoying this BEAUTIFUL day and that you have fun with your kiddos this weekend.


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Fun pictures! I love the pumpkin, the robot, and the frog:).

And I always love pictures of little ones in leaves:)

Jody said...

Great job on the robot! I wuv the fwog! When we moved to IL from the desert of CA, my kids were very taken with playing in the leaves. They had never experienced fall in that way before.

Kari Lynn said...

Your boys are so cute.

Tonya said...

That pumpkin is the COOLEST one I've ever seen!!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats\ said...

That pumpkin is AWESOME!!

Your boys are so, so cute!

Julie V. said...

Wow- that is such a cool pumpkin. Did Jerry come up with the idea on his own? So cool.

Your boys looked like they had fun all dressed up and adorable as usual.

It sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun with your family.