Monday, March 10, 2008

So our weekend with family was great fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. When we arrived, we walked in and saw this all set up by my mom. We celebrated four birthdays: Jerry, Caden, my sister Kari, and my niece Cassidy. They each had their own set of balloons (or baboons as Caden calls them), but it was primarily a Blue's Clues birthday!
Caden enjoyed opening his presents, but you'd never know it since he was soooo tired (no nap that day!). Thankfully, he was very congenial and easy to be around. Who said TWO was TERRIBLE? I love this expression on his face...he got four handy dandy notebooks, and boy was he excited!

And here's the cake. I ordered a pan on ebay (unfortunately Blues Clues is going "out", but we managed to find several things online for the celebration. My friend Diane and I made the cake, but I give her most of the credit. I helped with the frosting.
The cake was enjoyed by all, but most especially by the two year-old! I loved watching him eat every last bite of that cake and ice cream!

Well, that's all for today, but you can expect more pictures soon. There's still more to share!


Glass Half Full said...

I take it someone really likes Blue's Clues! =)


Kari Lynn said...

I love the cake! Good job!

chrissy said...

What a wonderful celebration! Looks like all enjoyed!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Happy Birthday to Caden! A friend of mine calls them the terrific two's. We've always said that two is nothing compared to 4!

Anonymous said...
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The Kempiak Party of Five... said...

Baylee and Nathan had a Blue's Clues bday party two years ago. It was so fun. Jon even played Steve (in shirt and everything).

It sounds like your party and guests were such a blessing.

Just T said...

Now THAT looks like an awesome party for a gorgeous little boy!

Love the cake! I bet it tasted just as yummy as it looked :)