Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm Tired.

Cody is finally feeling better (thanks to antibiotics and sleepy-time cough syrup) so he's been sleeping like a baby. Caden, on the other hand, has decided it's his turn to do the drippy nose and cough thing, so now I'm waking up with him on a regular basis.

It's an interesting thing, motherhood. Remember the days pre-pregnancy and pre-children when you could sleep 'til 10 a.m., wake up and go right back to sleep, sleep soundly and peacefully for hours at a time, and close your eyes without any crying or interruption?

Well, those days are long gone...for about seven years now if you count my first pregnancy. And suddenly, I have become incapable of going back to sleep if I have to be up for more than five minutes. This causes me to lie next to my comatose husband (who most of the time has no idea a child was up and crying in the middle of the night), toss and turn, begin thinking (never good once that starts), and then finally get up and head downstairs to lie on the couch, flipping channels, watching paid programming that has absolutely no relevance to my life whatsoever, and then finally falling asleep sometime between the Magic Bullet and Floam infomercials.

All of that is to say this: I'm tired.

But it reminds me of a book I love, which I recently introduced to Caden, entitled "Love You Forever." That mom never tires of rocking her babies in the middle of the night. What a great picture of a mother's love. Someday, these boys will be big and strong, tending to themselves in the middle of the night. Someday, I won't have little ones crying out for mommy in the night, needing to be rocked, held, and tended to. Someday, I won't find myself rocking my little ones "back and forth, back and forth."

I guess being tired isn't so bad after all.


Jaime said...

Yes, Happi, I am reminded of those nights of full long ago. But, yes, the time is precious, and how they need us. And how we will weep when they don't. I am remembering to savor this precious time with little ones no matter how many times they rouse me out of bed at night. They are treasures! Love you friend. Jaime

Tonya said...

Your house sounds like my house. I just want the kids to be better because it makes me sad. I do like rocking and holding them though not in the middle of the night so much but I'll take it :)

Glass Half Full said...

Oh, I could use this perspective today.

I took Matt in to the doctor -- double ear infection!! He complained for two days and after the third day I figured something was up. Nice.

Steve's been gone every night and we just found out he might need surgery on his elbow (torn tendon). I know, are you kidding me??

I remember nursing Mark those first 6 months I seemed to always find either "Cold Mountain" or "Degrassi Junior High" on. HA!


MorningSong said...

Hoping all will be well within your home soon!!! Such a great reminder to keep perspective. At some point they will not want ALL our cuddles like they do now! Enjoy it!!

(Glad your hubby had a great b-day celebration!!)


chrissy said...

Great perspective on it! Yes being tired can wear on us!! Hang in there!
BTW that book Love You Forever still makes me cry!!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Hope you all getting healthy!!!!

I know I'm probably the only one who hasn't,but I haven't read this book yet...need to check it out from the library. Sounds like I could gain some perspective from it:)