Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monday's Close at Hand...

I am sitting here looking at the sun beating in the windows, despite the temps in the high thirties and the remaining snow on the ground. We are so anxious for spring to arrive in FULL force. The robins are looking for their nesting sites, the chickadees are contemplating our bird house (they always have to fight with the sparrows for rights to that house), but it's just still too cold to venture outdoors for any length of time.

In spite of the weather, we have had ourselves one of the best breaks we've had in quite some time. We didn't even do anything exotic like go to Florida or Hawaii, but we just really enjoyed one another and our families. Jerry and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this week and some lovely friends from church watched our boys so we could enjoy the afternoon together. We also went to see "Horton Hears a Who" yesterday. The boys loved it...Caden sat so still in his seat (though I'll admit the popcorn and M&Ms seemed to help). It was very cute and we all enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we have a family party where we will celebrate a couple of birthdays (Caden's being one of them), as we wanted to wait until my MIL was feeling better.

All in all, I loved having my family all together (thanks Nanna and Papa for hosting us this week), getting to do some cooking and baking, and just being together without pressure and obligation. It was truly a wonderful, much needed break.

And now, as Monday approaches, I brace myself for the "busy" to continue and await the warmer weather that HAS to be on its way (oh pleeeease, no more snow!). Hope you all have enjoyed your week as much as we have.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yes- I hope the sun stays and the warm comes! I am ready to get back into our routine on Monday. It was nice week for us to be lazy and get over colds!


Kari Lynn said...

I never thought a vacation at home could be enjoyable but we too had a fun relaxing week, after the disaterous waterpark. Enjoy the party, glad your mil is feeling better.

MorningSong said...

Glad you had a great week of relaxing!!! I also pray your days of snow are over now! :)


Glass Half Full said...

HA - thanks for the little shout out! =)

We are back it stormed so bad last night. The rain was ridiculous!!! And today is still dreary.

Back home again in Indiana....