Monday, September 10, 2007

I Agree with Steph

Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing has a very thought provoking post on her Chicago Moms blog and as I read it, the same thoughts ran through my mind. What causes us to be in such a hurry? Would it be such a bad thing for us to slow down (or maybe even plan ahead) so that we're not constantly in a state of panic and in such a huge hurry to get wherever it is we're needing to go?

A couple of tragic events happened within our own church body just this past week that really caused me to stop, hug my children extra tight, and remember that life is so fleeting. In one case, a fellow mom and friend lost her nephew who was only two months old. The baby was at daycare napping, and when one of the workers went in to check on him, he wasn't breathing and could not be revived. In another case, a friend's in-laws came to visit their family this past week and on their way home were in a horrible car accident that killed her father-in-law. They had come to town to meet my friend's new baby.

We don't understand why these things happen, and yet for me, they serve as a constant reminder that life is so fleeting, so short...a mere breath.

I need not remind you what tomorrow is. As the years have passed since 9/11, maybe we've forgotten. Perhaps we've taken our own lives for granted. Every day is truly a gift.

How will you choose to live it?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh I have chills up and down from reading this. We have to stop and breathe and be thankful... I have been talking to God constantly lately just thanking him again and again for the awesome blessings in my life this very moment. Not what I want for the future or regret in the past, just the "right now." I don't want to leave anything out or take anything for granted.


Just T said...

Thank you for this post, Happi. I try to live my life with the motto "take each day as it comes" or "live life to the fullest", but some days I just get so caught up in the things around me. But all it takes is one "Mummy, are you listening to me?" to snap me back into reality and realise there are people who need my attention :)

ps I gave a quick description of Sugar Soap on my blog for you

Glass Half Full said...

While we were driving home from Mark's storyhour time we were buzzed by a young man on one of those speedy motorcycles (no passing lanes mind you). Will he have to learn the hard way one day? Sure hope not!