Friday, September 07, 2007

Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was starting a Moms in Touch group here in my town. One of my friends agreed to join me and we extended the invitation as we felt led to some other moms we knew.

This morning was our first meeting, and for a moment I wondered if anyone would come. Several of the people I was expecting were not able to make it at the last minute, but I had truly felt in my heart and spirit that God would bring five women this morning. I just KNEW He would.

After I had a short go-round of playing the "oh me of little faith" game, I decided to get on my knees and start praying. I prayed for five, and I also prayed there would be some faces I didn't expect to see.

And there were five of us this morning, two who hadn't even responded that they were coming, and one who is my new neighbor (and a fellow Believer!). I had been praying for a Christian neighbor to move into the house that sat vacant for a long time. And this morning, there she was!

Oh yes, God is the God of answered prayer. Every woman that came this morning had burdens on her heart, and together we prayed, cried, and shared what God was doing in our lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity we had to gather and to pray and to encourage one another. It was a very special time! And I can't wait until next week....


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is so wonderful! And inspiring!


Glass Half Full said...

....and the power of a mom support system!! I am so happy for a great turn out.


Kari Lynn said...

That is wonderful!

Molly H said...

Oh the power of prayer! That is wonderful that you started that group. There is nothing like connecting with other moms to discuss parenting and the daily grind. Molly

PS) Which house is the new neighbor in?? Just curious!