Friday, September 07, 2007

Where Do They Get This Stuff???

While reading devotions and bedtime stories tonight, Cody tells me he's made friends with a boy in his class.

Curious as to what kind of a kid this is, I say, "Is he good for your teacher?"

"Oh yes. But he has had to move his clip a couple times."

(The kids have a red-yellow-green light system. When you've been warned, you move your name clip from green to yellow.)

"Has he ever had to move his clip to yellow?"


"How about red?"

" Only one boy in our class has ever gotten to red."

"Have you ever had to move your clip?"


"Good." (Huge sigh of relief.)

"I don't ever want my clip to be moved to red. That would make me step on over to the BAAAAAD side."

Seriously. Where does he get this stuff?!


MorningSong said...

So cute!! I love it!

Thanks for sharing this little teacher trick. I can see how I can use that in the home too! :)


Kari Lynn said...

How cute! We have the green, yellow, red system at our school too. Tyler used to love to tease me that he moved to red and of course I was right on him asking what he had done. Then he would be like "aw, mom, I'm just kiddin." At this point I would be so worked up, it would be a while for me to calm down. This was the beginning of them learning how to push my buttons.

Glass Half Full said...

Good question!


Molly said...

So glad he has not stepped over to othe BAAAD side! I don't see that happening, as Cody is such a good kid!

Just T said...

LOL that was cute!

My son has a happy/sad face system at his school here in Australia. If they have been BAAAAAD their name goes upside down on the sad face. A few times Jack's name has been on the sad face (but not upside down). I freaked! I think us Mum's are more traumatised for it. When I ask him what did he do that was naughty, he replies ...

"You know, same as my report card .. talking too much!"

Even though he shouldn't be talking in class, it is still a nice relief to know he hasn't been horrible to anyone lol