Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thankful for Mom

Hi everyone! I was talking to my mom today and she commented that she'd looked at my blog today and saw that I hadn't updated in a while. We've been having camera issues, and I really wanted to include some pictures with this post.

It was a very busy week last week as we prepared for Caden's baby dedication, our party, singing at church, and all the normal, everyday things that consume a mom's time. But it was a wonderful weekend.

I already told her this the other day, but I'm so thankful for my mom. She and her wonderful hubby, Dean, came to town a day early so they could help us. We had work to do, but it was fun working side-by-side, spending time together, and just celebrating together. She was a great help and I loved having her here. So mom...I know you're reading...thanks so much again. I love you!!!!

Most of our family was here to celebrate and we ended up with a total of 57 friends and family coming through our home for the party. I didn't know we could FIT that many people in our house at once, but we did and it was a blast. (Thanks to all who was so great having you all here).

Unfortunately, as I went through the pictures, we didn't end up with ANY on our digital camera from the church (though I know my brother-in-law Gregg did), but we had a few here at the house. I'll post more as I get them. But the one I posted here is what our living room looked like at one of the "peak" moments of the party in terms of attendance. I told you it was crowded!!!

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Glass Half Full said...

What a party!!! :) Glad all went well...