Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nanna and Her Babies

Each year at Thanksgiving, my entire family spends time together in Brown County, IN. We have relatives in the Nasville, TN area and we discovered this was the mid-point where we could all meet. The hotel has a nice Thanksgiving meal...therefore, no one has to cook, clean up, or fuss about dinner. We can simply focus on spending time together.

Getting pictures of all the children together is an annual tradition. It's a miracle if all of them will actually SIT for a photo (forget about asking them all to smile). This year, my mom really wanted a group photo of her with all the grandkids. Look mom! Mission accomplished!

From left to right: (back row) Papa Dean, Chloe, Nanna, and Cassidy
(front row) Cody, Alaina, Caden, and Mackenzie


Glass Half Full said...

Your mom looks great -- hasn't changed a bit!! (Make sure to tell her that)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How wonderful! What a neat tradition!