Thursday, May 21, 2009

Passing By

We were at Sam's Club the other day because, frankly, where can you buy a huge container of strawberries for under $4? And a case of Apple and Eve juice boxes for under $8?

Before we left the store, the boys needed to go to the bathroom. There, we discovered a large box of Zyrtec that my sneezing boy desperately needed, and truly, I'm not sure where else you'd be able to find 24 pills for under $18? I know, they are expensive, but at least they're not prescription anymore, and they DO help all my boys with their allergies.

But I digress. Back to the bathroom.

As we were making our way toward the bathroom doors, we noticed a man in a motorized cart, and so we waited until he was in before the boys headed in. Cody is a little man now, and there will be NO going in the ladies bathroom anymore, no sir. The two of them now insist on the boy's room and I must wait outside for them. Obviously.

We quickly noticed that the man was having trouble managing the heavy door and his cart. He was all alone, but really seemed to be struggling. He turned and looked at us, somewhat desperately, and so I told Cody to go on in and hold the door for him. I could tell the man was so grateful for the help.

As Cody and Caden headed in, I listened at the door to make sure all was well, and I heard Cody instructing him on how to use the sink, the soap and the hand dryer. Later he told me that "the man needed lots and lots of help."

Cody then helped hold the door again so he could wheel out, and when the man came out, he looked so relieved and exclaimed, "People just kept walking by, and I couldn't get into the bathroom. I had to go so bad!"

He then proceeded to ask me what country he was in, told me he was from Chicago and then said that he was 35. (He looked to be at least 80.) He kept saying he was so confused, that he didn't know where he was, and when I asked him if he'd come to the store alone, he said that he had come there with his son, but he couldn't find him.

I was so concerned about this man, as he kept driving around and around in circles. We saw him all over the store, talking to people, probably still trying to figure out where he was.

We never did find out if he actually connected with his son (I so hope there was a son actually there in the store). That thought has haunted me ever since. I have been kicking myself for not making one of the employees aware of the situation.

But the one other thing that has stayed with me is what Cody said afterward.

"Mom, this reminds me of the story about the good samaritan. Everyone kept passing by, but the one finally stopped and cared."

I have to admit that I am often guilty of this. I rush around, moving from one activity or place to the next, focused inwardly on my schedule and tasks, and I'm sure I've just passed by, missing many opportunities to help somebody who needed it. The man at Sam's told me that he doesn't know what he would have done in the bathroom had it not been for the boys helping him.

I think the Lord knew I needed an object lesson in opening my eyes and looking for those in need. They're all around if we'll just slow down and actually stop.


Kari said...

Out of the mouths of babes . . . Cody gets it. Truly.

Kari Lynn said...

I try to help out anyone I can (currently learning a lesson on being used) but I've found that people are very hesitant to let you help them. They don't trust that someone wants to help, just because it's the right thing to do and I think that is sad.

At least we are trying to raise our kids to be good samaritans.