Friday, May 01, 2009


Monday was awards night for Awana.  Cody has been a participant since he was two and he LOVES it.  So do I.  Our church does such an excellent job with the kids.  His leaders are so loving and encouraging.  The material gets more challenging as the years go on, but what a thrill to get to the end of the book!  Cody learned more of God's Word this year and will carry that with him throughout his life.  This year, he learned Psalm 23, all the books of the bible in order, and many other verses.  He "adopted" a missionary this year that he prayed for and supported out of his own money.  The other day, we ran into them at church (they are on furlough and were visiting) and it was so neat to hear Cody ask them, "Did you get my envelope with the money?" They giggled and said they were sure the church had sent it to them.  

Thank you, Awana leaders, for making this year fantastic.  We are so grateful to God for you!


Tonya said...

We just had our award ceremony Wednesday. I am going to have a girls TNT next year. It was cool to see her up there with her award! So cool that you guys have that costume. Monkey and Cody are the same age...not sure if I knew that. I could tell from his vest ;) I was going to post it but haven't uploaded the pictures yet I had a Cubbie, and 2 Sparks!

Kari said...

I'm glad Cody had such a great year in the program-it sounds like a lot of fun!

Charity said...

That's GREAT!!! So proud of Cody... those lessons will stick with him throughout his life!