Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello, How Are You, What's New?

I know I've been MIA.  Part of it can be blamed for computer troubles, but mostly it's just a matter of priorities.  Something I'm always working hard to keep in check.  Here's the latest in the life of our family.
  • We went to Nebraska last weekend.  I should say that the boys and I went.  Jerry had to stay behind, but I wasn't really alone.  Most of our family was there too, so I definitely didn't feel like a "single" mom.  I will say that I have a new found respect for moms who go it alone every day.  And for my husband who does so much to help!  We had so much fun going to the spring Husker game and exposing the kids to the wonder that is Nebraska football.  We all had so much fun!
  • My computer's hard drive had to be completely wiped out and I had to start all over.  Thus the reason for no pictures today.  I am still re-loading everything back onto the computer.  
  • It's supposed to be 85 degrees today.  Just three days ago it was snowing.  I have no idea what season it is.
  • I'm going to our church's women's retreat this weekend and am greatly looking forward to some R&R.  This is the first year in several that I haven't been leading worship, and I must say that the decision to sit this one out has been a good one.  I really get to relax this year!
  • We purchased 5 painted lady caterpillars from a wonderful company called Insect Lore several weeks ago, and all 5 survived and are currently in their chrysalides.  We can't WAIT for them to hatch.  More on that soon...
You're sorta caught up.  I promise I'll post some pictures soon for all three of you who actually read this here blog.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Kari Lynn said...

I need to update too, I've just been in a mood lately and don't want to spread it. You know what I mean... Have a blast this weekend!