Monday, November 12, 2007

Twenty Months!

My sweet Caden:

You are twenty months old! I can hardly believe that almost two years has passed since the day you were born. You are learning and growing so much, and it is such a joy to watch!

Here are some of my favorite things about you that make this age so fun and unique:

1. Your vocabulary is growing by the day. The other day I was putting on make-up in the bathroom, and you were standing next to me on the potty (even though I always tell you to get down) echoing every word I said. There was a time I was concerned you weren't saying enough, but now look at you!

2. You can follow many simple commands and you do it with out complaining. If I ask you to do something, you are usually very good about doing it. I appreciate these early lessons that you are learning in obedience. They are laying the foundation for your future!

3. You love watching The Donut Man. You sit so quietly, intent on every song and word that's sung or spoken. I am glad that your favorite thing to watch is based upon biblical truth!

4. You are spunky. And mischevious. But not naughty. You are very curious, adventurous, and a lot like that adorable monkey George. Always into something, but never trying to do anything wrong. I know that these qualities will make you a good learner...very inquisitive and thoughtful.

5. You love to hold my hand when we're cuddling together. You'd always hold my hand when you'd nurse, and if I'd have to pull it away for some reason, you'd start crying and get so upset. You still do that. Even if we're just sitting together, you have to be holding my hand. I love this about you!

6. Speaking of hand holding, you love grabbing my hand and pulling me wherever you want me to go. It's effective and you don't even have to say anything. You just grab my hand, pull me, and show me!

7. You have quite a sense of humor. You make us laugh with your cute expressions, babbling, noise making, and adorable faces. No dinner at the table is complete without something funny you do!

8. You are beginning to show compassion for those you care about. I often catch you hugging your brother or the dog (much to his chagrin) and I know this is your way of showing love.

9. You understand the concept of praying. We pray together at dinner and bedtime, but my favorite time when you show you understand is when we pray for Cody before he leaves for school. You'll run up to us and grab our hands if we forget to include you. I love that!

10. You are so cute, Caden. I love watching you grow more and more every day. Thanks for the joy and love you bring out in me. I am a better mother because of you. I love you, sweetie!

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