Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You should see the mess....

Everyone told me that my perfectionistic qualities would fly right out the window once I added another child to the mix. They were right. I can no longer keep my house as clean as I'd like. I can no longer consider myself terribly organized. It's more like...well...just terrible. Kinda like the laundry that piles up in the basement. Speaking of which, I can't get out from under the laundry pile. Phone calls I can't always return in a timely manner (unless you're family...then you fly straight to the top of the priority list), emails I don't return as quickly as I used to, projects that I start, but that take weeks to actually finish, when really, it should have just taken a couple of hours.

But there are needs to be met. Crying baby needs to be fed, changed, nursed, or held (and then fed again). Five year-old spends most of the day chanting, "Mom. I'm huuuuunnnnngggggry!" Phone is ringing. A student is arriving in five minutes and I still haven't finished blow-drying my hair. The dog is jumping on the door because he can't hold it any longer.

I was inspired by some of you moms who do the whole "Tackle it Tuesday" thing. Yes, I know it's Wednesday. But I thought maybe, if I post this hideous picture of what our office looks like right now, on this day that I started trying to de-clutter, well, then maybe I'll actually have more motivation to share the finished, completed, more wonderfully organized room that should be deemed a "study" for the sake of hubby, who is working tirelessly to complete his master's degree final project. So here goes. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Glass Half Full said...

Since Mark came into the mix I have said this over and over again:

"If my kids are fed and the bills are paid, then I am doing ok."

Mind you, I am saying this while staring at a pile of dishes or junk around my computer desk!!!

Randi said...

My kids are older than yours and i can say that a happy family is more worthwhile than a clean house! When I only had one kid, I was a perfectionist housecleaner and by the time 5 came around, my standards were much lower. Now my kids are old enough to help and cook dinner and it is wonderful!

Someday your house will be wonderfully clean and then the grandkids will come to visit--it will be great! ;)

Kari Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, how funny you posted this, I have a story. Just the other day after the "blast from the past photo", I started going through some pics. Chad and I noticed how clean the house looked when we lived in Huntington. I asked, "What do we have now that we didn't then?" He answered as most guys would with things like central air, ya know the modern ammenities. We were dirt poor then. Anyway, my observation was Ashley. This was just after I reminded her for the third time to pick up her scarf, book bag and party favors from the latest birthday party at school. Welcome to the world of multiple children. I just wish the word would get out and people would be more understanding. If no-one would judge my house, I wouldn't be so stressed about company coming over and making everything perfect and maybe I could tackle things one at a time.

Peanut Butter adn Jelly Boats said...

Anyone who has children under age 10 has at least 1 room in their house that looks like this. A Bible ver that comforts me when my house gets out of control is..."Where there are no oxen the trough is clean" It's in Psalms but I don't have my Bible with me right now. I always read it and think, it's better to have kids (oxen) and a mess then no kids and a clean trough! Ok, I can't remember how to spell trough right now, but you know what I mean, the thing the animals drink out of...Oh, boy, I'm in sad shape today!

Just T said...

Hi Happi. Found your blog from another blog comment page.

Have enjoyed my visit!

I wouldn't be too worried. I am one of those "organised, bordering on OCD" type of people, but I just don't have the energy with 2 kids to be like that anymore lol

I find that I do the "big" cleaning when I have the house to myself (which isn't very often) or at night once everyone is asleep!

ps I also have a 5 yr old son who is always HUNGRYYYYYY! Is is a 5 yr old thing or a boy thing??? lol