Sunday, August 08, 2010

On the Road Again...

I've always had this dream of selling off everything we own...the house, our possessions and belongings...and packing up only what we needed and piling into an RV. In it, we would tour the country and make our living together as a family entertaining people and sharing the gospel wherever we went. Jerry with his guitar, me at the piano, Cody with his violin and Caden with his little egg shakers (he appears to have some talent at percussion). Of course, we'd ALL sing!

Nobody except my husband knows that I've always wanted to do this, but now you all do...

I think the thing that appeals to me most about this little pipe dream of mine is just the sheer simplicity that might come from being rid of all the things that fight for our time. Not the least of which are the jobs which are a total necessity when you have a mortgage, utility bills, and endless OTHER bills that need tending to each month. Not that having a job is all bad, mind you. My goodness. So many people are out of many close to I don't take it lightly that we are both gainfully employed and able to make ends meet. (Thank you, God. It is by Your grace alone!)

But the mortgage. The bills. The demands. They are never ending and often feel like a millstone around the neck. Sometimes I wonder if God can use us the way He wants to when we are so busy and so bound by these types of things.

Yes, on the road we'd be busy and we'd have a schedule to keep. I have no idea how we'd make ends meet. Perhaps we would be considered singing missionaries.

But in the RV? I imagine us singing and laughing. Loving and learning. Taking it all in and seeing the glory of God everywhere. Just...well, being together. As a family.

These three people who live with me are most precious to me. I love spending time with them. We enjoy one another so much. Our favorite place is to be wherever the others are. (And yes, in case you were wondering, I am realistic. I'm sure we'd climb the walls eventually and have times we'd pull our hair out and need our personal space.) But to travel the country! I imagine us making pit stops at the Grand Canyon, making our way up Route 66. Taking in the breathtaking views of Niagra Falls and maybe visiting Cape Cod. Seeing Colorado and Tennessee in the autumn when the leaves are showing off their brilliant colors. It just sounds so wonderful.

Oh I know. I know! It's only a dream.

But I wonder sometimes...would it be...possible?


Home School Dad said...

It's a dream you and Amy share. It is definitely possible as people do do it. We see it as a perfect opportunity to teach about thid country God has put us in. Maybe some day it will happen for both of us.

Charity said...

Love it Hap! You never know.... you really never know... commit your plans, ideas and dreams to the Lord. You never know... (coming from one raised on the mission field, I've learned that nothing is impossible!) Hey, Maybe Matt and I'll come with you - I can back up, Matt can dance and bella can holler! haha!!!
love you hap. thanks for sharing your heart. love chair

Kari said...

I could definitely see you guys doing this someday! You never know . . .

And just think how awesome tailgating in Lincoln could be in your RV? Count me in!!!!


Sally said...

Happi, you need to read this blog!
and her other blogs:

They are a family who sold everything to get out of debt and toured the country with their message of living sustainably. They are also Christians.
It is my deep inner dream to do this too, but I don't think we have it in us. I dream of simplifying the house I currently have- but nothing I do seems to bring me in that direction!!