Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monkeying Around

Yesterday was the big birthday celebration with a couple of Caden's preschool friends. He chose to go to Monkey Joe's. If you aren't familiar with this place, it's a big room with lots of inflatable bouncy houses. It's hard to keep track of the kids in there because the inflatables are huge, but they keep the kids pretty well enclosed and put someone at the door to minimize any "runaways." (I was a bit concerned about this and was thankful all of the moms stayed with their kids.) Here is the birthday boy:
My friend Diane made the cake. We had a little boy with peanut allergies and I was thankful she was willing to make this beautiful cake for us. (Not to mention it tasted WAY better than the grocery story bakery!)
The birthday boy with his cake in his big inflatable birthday chair:
Two of the kids were not exactly thrilled with Monkey Joe. Caden was one of them. As you can tell from the picture, he moved as far away from Monkey Joe as he possibly could. Later, he wouldn't even LOOK at him! He was relieved to be done with that part of the party and get back to bouncing.
And finally, you can tell that this place isn't just for kids. I must have gone down that slide five times...
....and I am so glad I did.

Happy 4th birthday, Caden!


Tonya said...

we LOVE places like this! so fun for kids and parents too :) Happy Birthday to Caden.

Kari said...

That SO looks like fun! I want to go there sometime!!!!!