Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally! Pictures!

Well, after months of my computer consistently locking up, two total wipe-outs of my hard drive and countless trips to see the Geek Squad, I'm happy to report that all my fussing finally got me a new computer. I now have pictures for you to see and enjoy.

First, here is the latest picture of Cody and Caden after they went to a birthday party this past weekend with a cowboy theme. I think they look more like Native American pirates! I'm not sure if Party City makes a set of party favors with that theme...
Below is Caden's first day of pre-school. He is such a big boy now! He loved it and can't wait until next time.
This is what happens to dogs who dig in the trash and eat ravioli.
The two boys making music in the kitchen. They are jamming out to Selah's version of "By and By."
Here's Cody after he received his yellow belt in TaeKwon Do. He was so proud.
And finally, the boys and their Auntie Darci when she came to visit. They loved spending time with her!
And now you're caught up.

Well, except for this: I'm currently watching my husband take a picture of a toad the boys found and a cricket sitting on its back. He's giggling. I wish I had a picture of that.

Men. They never grow up!

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