Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Counting my Blessings

I'm overwhelmed today.  

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  The list is so long.  When will I find time to get it all done?

I'll be honest...part of it is because I've chosen what's better for me and the family at the moment, and not necessarily been focused on my responsibilities.

Today I chose to spend part of the day baking cookies.  It is, after all, seven days 'til Christmas and cookies are part of the deal.

Monday I took the boys out for Cody's birthday.  We did a little shopping, went and had a birthday lunch and just enjoyed the day.

Last night, we had a lovely meal with our small group and had a splendid time singing Christmas carols and relaxing by the fire.  (The kids roasted marshmallows in their fireplace.  It was too cute.)  

Tonight, we had rehearsal for our upcoming Christmas Eve service.  We sang and laughed and talked.  

And the presents aren't wrapped yet.  The house is in shambles.  My bathroom needs a good scrubbing and the laundry has started piling up.  

I must remember that Christmas only comes but once a year and that it's about so much more than the guilt I feel over not sending out Christmas cards.  

Instead I'll follow the Star to a stable and the babe wrapped in swaddling cloths.  

O come, let us adore Him....Christ the Lord!


Kari Lynn said...

I'm there with you. I plan to become an expert at masking my mess until the visitors leave. I've been volunteering at Ashley's school and the local cancer agency on the days that I am not confined to bed because of this "whatever" that won't go away. Many blessings to you, my friend.

Oh and I did make out Christmas cards, none of them have made it in the mail though!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Sounds like you got your priorities right my friend. No guilt needed! I pray that you find peace in Seeking the Lord during this season and that He gives you the strength to accomplish much, the wisdom to do so effectively, and the grace to let the rest go:).

Tonya said...

My house was in shambles until I did a major clean today. We are having company this weekend! Though I still have to bake cookies and brownies which is usually a huge mess's never ending!