Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Knew Walmart Could Be So Exciting?

They've just opened a Super Walmart near my house. Yesterday. I have been very anxious to check it out. The reason I've been in great anticipation of the grand opening is because I am used to driving a half hour to get my groceries at a good price (when you consider gas prices and time, I sometimes wonder if it's really worth it). But I can't justify paying $4.98 for a gallon of milk (I'm not exaggerating) at the way-too-expensive-close-to-home grocery store. So when they opened this store, I was so hoping that their prices would be comparable to the other store I frequent.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into our new beautiful, fully stocked store and found the prices VERY comparable to what I normally pay. This made me so happy. I was, in fact, even talking to fellow moms in the aisle saying things like, "Wow, these prices are great!" and "Doesn't the store look nice?" and "Gee, I'm so glad they opened this store!" I know. I'm a dork.

But truly. You don't understand what this means for me. I can REALLY do all my shopping in one place. ONE PLACE, people! I can even get a haircut, go the bank, eat a sub and get fitted for eyeglasses. ALL IN ONE PLACE. See? I told you I was excited.


Glass Half Full said...

Walmart is an easy "one stop shop" place, but I am usually exhausted when I leave. The prices are great, I agree!


MorningSong said...

Don't forget it is a great place to spend a quarter at the door - the vending machines with trash toys! :)

Congrats on your Wal-Mart!! I am happy for you!

Kari Lynn said...

We've had a Super Walmart for a while so I'm excited that we are getting a Meijer. It'll be nice to have somewhere else to go that is not 30 - 45 minutes away. Have a great weekend!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Oh the joys of adulthood:) Yes I too am a bit nerdy about my grocery store experiences. We have a Super Target 1 mile from my house and I LOVE it!!!!