Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tagged on Tuesday!

Steph, at Adventures in Babywearing, kindly tagged me (after I whined about feeling left out!) for a 5 Interesting Things Meme.

Now, if I can only come up with 5 interesting things. Hmmm....

1. When I was ten years old, I played the role of Annie at a dinner theatre. Apparently our theatre was one of the first to do the production after it left Broadway, so it was a big deal. There were photographers from newspapers and personalities from the major television networks there covering the story. Needless to say, it was an exciting thing for a little girl to be a part of. And the music bug bit hard and never let go!

2. My mom owned and operated a dance studio from our basement. When we bought the house back in the late seventies, they knocked down walls, installed a wood floor, ballet barres, and mirrors. I remember going down there as a kid, not just to dance, but to crank music, sing and rollerskate.

3. I have to sleep with a fan running. And so do my kids. I got used to the noise of an apartment we used to live in and now I can't sleep in silence. This becomes problematic when we travel somewhere and nobody has a fan.

4. I am a picky eater. If you've ever seen the movie, "When Harry Met Sally," then you know me. I'm Sally. "I just want it the way I want it."

5. I love birds. I have feeders, houses, and two bird books. I think I inherited my love of birdwatching from my grandparents. My feeders are always stocked, and I take great pride in teaching my family about them.

And now you know more than you ever wanted to know about me. And now I tag:

Jaime, Marc, Kari, Tonya, and T. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Glass Half Full said...

And I didn't bother to tag anybody!!!

I can just imagine you dancing/roller skating in that basement. FUN!

I didn't know you were a picky eater.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That would be so fun growing up in a dance studio!! And so funny that our paths never crossed considering our music & theatre backgrounds!


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

You sound like one fun person to get to know:)

I loved you post about parenting keeping you humble!!! I can sooo relate. Way to go apologizing in such a creative way!

Life With All Boys said...

Every one in my house sleeps with a fan. We take them to people's house's, hotels, you name it. We've even been told "We DO have air conditioning you know".

And Oh My Gosh. To be able to roller skate in your basement. Jealous....

MorningSong said...

What a fun time in that basement!! We have noise makers (white noise) we bring with us!!