Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh what a beautiful weekend!

Suffice it to say that the lawn is mowed, the garden almost ready for planting and the yard primed for summer fun. The weather was absolutely goregous (right now, it looks as though the sky is going to dump buckets of rain to bring those May flowers).

On Friday afternoon, Cody, Caden, Ozzie and I enjoyed a little picnic out on our front lawn and then walked down to the park so Cody could burn some energy. He ended up meeting several his friends from school there and then played with them until the early evening hours. He had a blast. Saturday, after teaching a couple of hours, my friend Charity came over and we all (yes, Ozzie came along too!) went to a forest preserve and had another picnic together. (Daddy stayed home to work on his master's project, but he did his work outside!). After dropping off the boys, Chair and I headed off to IKEA in search of some new chair pads for our patio furniture. Unfortunately, I didn't see any I fell in love with, but ended up with some that were orange (I'm not a fan of orange, but they were only $6.50 a piece!). I'm sure Charity will never go shopping with me again, as I was incredibly indecisive and must have gone up and down the escalator five times changing my mind and putting things back. She found a cute kitchen rug, so I suppose not all was lost!

Yesterday, after church, we did yard work and got things looking nice on the outside. Ozzie spent most of the day out with us and his snout is green from rolling in the grass.

Last night after dinner, we took a nice long walk with Ozzie to McD's where we all feasted on vanilla ice cream cones and french fries. So much for a calorie-burning walk! We had a really nice weekend...productive and fun. Can't ask for any more than that!

P.S. I would post pictures, but I can't find our camera charger and the thing is dead. I'll update soon...


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That sounds like my kinda weekend!!! I love walks and Ikea!!


Kari Lynn said...

Sounds like a great weekend. We planted flowers on Sunday and just hung out on the deck. Chad and I discovered Ikea when we came up last summer. Love it! The kids were not as impressed.

Glass Half Full said...

This weekend was wonderul!! Is it true we'll be in the 50's again this week? NO!

Just T said...

Sounds like a wonderful, productive weekend.

Seems funny that here you are preparing for Summer, and in Australia we are getting close to Winter and PRAYING for rain, as we are in a serious drought and water crisis!